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Expert Data Recovery Services for Hard Drives, RAID arrays, and all types of media

Data Recovery Services

Our professional staff will work around the clock to ensure a timely turnaround on all of your data recovery needs. Whether you are a student that has lost a term paper, an individual with family photos, or a major corporation with multiple hard drive failures in a RAID array, DigitalMedix can help. We offer a full range of data recovery services to fit your needs.

From the hard drive on your home computer, to laptops and camera cards, to servers and RAID arrays, DigitalMedix can recover data from any failed media device. No matter what has happened to your hard drive, the data recovery engineers at DigitalMedix have probably seen it before. From virus corruption, power surges, hurricanes, floods, and lightning strikes, we can recover data you thought to be lost.

computer hard drive data recovery

Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

DigitalMedix offers hard drive data recovery services for all makes and models of computer hard drives. Our professional computer hard drive data recovery specialists use state-of-the-art, non-invasive technology to ensure that we recover data from your failed hard drive. Where other companies may consider a failed hard drive unrecoverable, DigitalMedix may still be able to recover data thought to be lost.

DigitalMedix offers a wide range of computer data recovery and laptop data recovery services. We can retrieve data from all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX. Whether you have a desktop computer that has failed, or a laptop that has been run over, we can help retrieve lost data where others have failed.
raid data recovery services

RAID Data Recovery Services

Data recovery becomes much more intricate when the failed drives are part of a RAID array or other enterprise server configuration. Our trained RAID data recovery engineers can recover business-critical data from all configurations and type of RAID array.

DigitalMedix provides fast, professional RAID data recovery services. Our expert raid recovery engineers will work around the clock to ensure that your raid data is recovered as quickly as possible. We understand that each situation is unique, so we will analyze each hard drive in your RAID array to determine the best raid data recovery method for each of our clients.
camera card data recovery

Camera Card Data Recovery Services

DigitalMedix understands that the thought of losing irreplaceable memories can be devastating. Many of the images captured on a digital camera card cannot be replicated. Our professional engineers can help retrieve seemingly lost images from failed camera cards. DigitalMedix has developed state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure the best possible chance of recovering your data.

DigitalMedix removable media engineers can recover data from any type of failures and have already seen most scenarios imaginable. Whether your camera card is cracked, submerged, or stepped on we can help retrieve the drive’s contents.
removable media data recovery, thumb drive recovery, flash drive recovery

Removable Media Data Recovery Services

Advances in technology have resulted in smaller, removable media devices that are much more convenient for transporting valuable data. These devices are often beaten and bruised in pockets, briefcases, luggage, and even around the office. Removable media devices still contain micro electronics and therefore can easily be damaged, resulting in possible data loss. DigitalMedix’ recovery engineers can successfully recover your important data from all types of removable media devices.

“Just six months after firing up my new computer…the drive crashed, and I subsequently lost 5 years of my data! The company that built my computer said there was “no hope”. They said the drive appeared to be so badly damaged that they couldn’t read anything on it. That’s when I found DIGITALMEDIX, they recovered most of my data! Keep up the good work!

Tom Martino,
Nationally Syndicated Consumer Advocate on Radio, TV and Internet

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